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Global Technology Partners (GTP) partnered with the Government of Abu Dhabi to build the world's largest SMART MESH WIFI NETWORK which is now LIVE. covering all geographical area of the EMIRATE OF ABU DHABI, since the year 2008 which officially CERTIFIED AND CONSIDERED, as the world's largest Mesh network

GTP partnered with ABU DHABI to build the world’s smartest network which spotlighted Abu Dhabi as a global showcase city for using wireless technology to affect a multitude of services for the public, business and local government.

This initial project gives Abu Dhabi a base for a wireless infrastructure to add additional high value application in the future such as - public internet access, video surveillance, water conservations street lighting control and many proven public safety solutions - in order to improve the living standards arid safety of the people living in Abu Dhabi. A wireless infrastructure, such as this, will provide Abu Dhabi with a global image for a Greener - Smarter and Safer city- not only for the region, but for the entire global community, and it is now the largest Mesh network in the world.

YES, GTP built Abu Dhabi's Wireless Networks which is now the most advanced CITY-WIDE project to be deployed to date in the world.