Mobile Public Safety

For mobile police, fire, and emergency medical service workers, fast access and response is critical and can mean the difference between life and death. The ability to quickly access information and communicate from the field to other officers and headquarters is crucial.

  • Police Officers have high-speed access to data and video enabling them to identify suspects in the field, spending more time on the street protecting the community.
  • Fire Fighters are better prepared when they arrive having been able to download building blueprints and hazmat data while in transit to a location.
  • Emergency Medical Technicians can communicate live with doctors, providing a patient's vitals and live video of injuries while en route, enabling the hospital to be better prepped to assist trauma patients when they arrive.

High-speed wireless access with GTP and its MetroMesh Solution partners enables many new applications that deliver broad public safety benefits:

  • Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) makes scheduling of first responders more efficient, reducing response time.
  • Tactical temporary networks can be quickly setup to facilitate communications for natural disasters, around crime or accident scenes, and during community events.
  • Access to live video feeds from police cars enables them to view a crime in-progress before they arrive, identifying suspects and recording their actions.
  • Gunshot detection and identification systems aid in identifying the location of a gunshot and identity of shooter, arming police with more accurate information and enabling them to respond faster.