Intelligent Transportation System

Improving traffic flow, reducing commute times and timing of signals for public are just a few of the uses for intelligent transportation systems (ITS). Intelligent traffic solutions collect information at signals all around the city, correlate the real-time data and can automatically regulate traffic policies. ITS includes a range of applications that can benefit cities such as:

  • Intelligent Traffic Signal Management - Actively managed and coordinated traffic signals can reduce congestion and moderate traffic speeds, smoothing traffic flow and reducing auto emission levels.
  • Video Analytics - Real-time video enables traffic controllers to identify problems, record and ticket red light runners, gather traffic analytics information and enforce special traffic zones. Public safety workers may also access the video to identify traffic conditions so they can route around congested roads when responding to an emergency.
  • Information and Alerts - Variable message signs can quickly broadcast information such as weather, road conditions, stolen vehicle and other timely local information to drivers.
  • Real-Time Public Transit Information - Up-to-the-minute information on busses and other public transportation vehicles can be published to the web and bus stations, improving schedule accuracy and helping increasing ridership.
  • High-speed wireless broadband access with GTP and its MetroMesh Solution partners are being used in cities to manage vehicle traffic, connecting traffic signals with traffic control centers (TCC)s:

    • Tucson, Arizona gathers real-time information on red, yellow and green lights and on pedestrian densities in order to optimize traffic settings for various days and times. The city saves $200,000 per year in telecommunication fees.
    • Edmonton, Alberta helps buses to keep on-schedule by using priority request generators on the buses; traffic lights at intersections are alerted when a bus is approaching so that the lights can be changed to allow the bus through as quickly as possible.