Municipal Modernization and Mobility

City after city is showing that productivity increases when public employees are able to access the same resources from the field as they can in the office. GTP MetroMesh networks provide city employees with secure access to the information they need, wherever they are around town, enabling them to do their jobs more efficiently and benefiting the community.

  • Building and code inspectors can file reports and access building codes while on site, increasing customer satisfaction and speeding the approval process.
  • Utility crews can receive work orders while in the field, eliminating the need to return to the yard to file paperwork or receive new instructions. In the event of an emergency, GPS can be used to identify the closest crew enabling them to quickly arrive at a problem site.
  • City planners can access building and zoning plans while in the field, reducing time and expense on travel to/from the office as well as speeding filing of approvals.
  • Library, school and health services can reach underserved neighborhoods through mobile book and computer labs, and mobile health clinics.
  • Parks and recreation officials can create ad-hoc wireless networks to assist in command and control of community functions such as parades and sporting events; similarly, public safety agencies can quickly establish a network at the site of an emergency or natural disaster.

High-speed wireless broadband access with GTP and its MetroMesh Solution partners are being used to mobilize city workforces around the world. Some examples include:

  • Computer-Aided Dispatch - St. Cloud, Florida is issuing work orders directly to crews in the field, saving them from returning to the city yard to get their next assignment.
  • Field Reports - In Oklahoma City, building inspectors submit inspection results from the field, often enabling same-day approvals.
  • Mobile Utility Workers - The Lafayette Utilities System in Louisiana is deploying a system to enable mobile utility workers to operate more efficiently, reduce cost and improve customer experience for citywide services such as electric, water, and wastewater.