Industrial sites are often characterized by punishing heat and cold, extreme vibration, and connectivity requirements over many acres - even square miles. Despite hostile conditions, industrial sites need the same communication capabilities as office environments for the proper coordination of people, processes, and resources. GTP MetroMesh networks cost-effectively provide outdoor broadband networking in industrial environments to improve business operational efficiencies and reduce cost.

  • Shipping Container Management - Using handheld scanners, personnel throughout port operations can track containers as they traverse their way through a port, enabling monitoring of container location as well as special requirements such as refrigeration.
  • Mining Operations - Mining management systems precisely and continuously monitor and control operations across a site. Remotely diagnosing problems on heavy equipment in the field - sometimes 100 miles away from the operations center - reduces downtime.
  • Construction Sites - Broadband networks enable voice, video, and data capabilities at construction sites, which are constantly changing in size and location. Video surveillance provides both visual progress reports and full-time security. The network is easily moved to the next site when the job is completed.
  • Remote Training - Operators in the field can get training and updates on the latest equipment and procedures..

Broadband wireless communication using products from GTP Networks and its MetroMesh Solution Partners are being used for a range of industrial applications, including:

  • Lazaro Cardenas Container Port Terminal (LCTPC) in Mexico is a specialized container terminal that tracks and monitors shipping containers as they move through the port facility.
  • Fortescue Minerals Group, Ltd. (FMGL) in Australia uses mine management software to support precision mining operations.